9 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Watch

9 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Watch

Maybe the wrist watches have lost a bit of their popularity due to the new technology gadgets. In today’s world wearing one doesn’t only give you the ability to see what times it is, but also a numerous of other features compatible with each person. It speaks about your personality, beliefs, job, feelings, and emotions towards others and yourself.

1. Quite useful for the business world

To measure person’s success is a relatively difficult thing to do, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to look prosperous. For example: If you are a wealthy athlete, a watch on your wrist may and it probably will demonstrate to your fans that you are a sincere and hardworking professional.

There is an old saying " You can trust my professional opinion because I look good and feel good ". So you’d probably be thinking that this statement is not quite right and that a customer would seek a services, goods or opinion from someone that has a more economical approach towards money or one that doesn’t spend too much on elegance. You’d be wrong!! Ask yourself: Would you go to see a dentist that has a messy dental office and a dirty dental lab coat? –Probably not. The same thing goes for all other areas of expertise.

2. For elegance

The watch represents style and is one of those accessories that can be displayed without attracting too much unnecessary attention and yet be classy. A beautiful watch is kind of a symbol for an elegant and culturаl looking man, it can be used to demonstrate certain taste and style depending on different indoor and outdoor occasions.

3. To remind you of something or someone

Watches are objects that are often transmitted during an inheritance. Some models have become mythical even through their passage through history, so wearing them would be like a commemoration. When transmitted from father to son, husband to wife, they pass their personality with them and have a sentimental value. That is why you may find many people wearing old watches and jewelry as a sign of gratitude and love towards their beloved ones.

4. For ROI

Smart investors believe that the older an accessory is, the more value it has. Watches, jewelry, and other accessories will not only retain its value over time but they will even get more costly as time passes. For example, it is possible to find at a sale a used model of any watch for 1,000 €. After a couple of years, the same one can be sold among collectors for 2,000€ to 4,000 €.

5. For promoting your own personal style and way of life

You can also wear a watch to specify a statement that would signify something like "I do not check my phone, tablet or laptop to determine the time. On the contrary, I believe that time must be respected so I wear a wristwatch to justify my way of life - time=money"

6. To send a subliminal message

Sending subliminal messages when we have an annoying opposite speaker on the other side can be a problematic thing to do. However taking a quick look at your watch may send a signal or even a message, so that the speaker would understand that time has come to move on. This gesture actually works quite often in the real world and may end up uninteresting and unproductive conversations for both sides.

7. Generates Security

By having an accessory solely and exclusively to measure and manage your time, you send a very good signal to the world that you are a responsible, dedicated and organized person. The people around you will notice your energy dedicated to a well organized daily plan of activities which will generate mutual confidence, security, and trust.

8. To present yourself to the world

The watch is an opportunity to show your profession or your area of expertise. It is really logical that a basketball player or a runner would wear a watch that has a heart rate monitor and water resistance attributes or an astronomer would wear one that displays astronomical data like the lunar phases. We may take another example like, a businessman wearing old classic wooden wristwatches.

9. It Demonstrates Status in Society

A man must always take care of his elegance, especially if he strives for prosperity in life. Well organized time as a major contributor of a person’s career represents a vital part of the public recognition that we gain from the business community.

The business partners, shareholders, patients with whom we relate will notice your luxurious accessories that you carry, so the expectation of delivering high-quality services would grow over time. Therefore, creating an image of yourself as a brand or individual counts the most.

As we can see there are countless reasons to buy and wear one. It’s not just about class nor elegance, having a watch demonstrates greatness, it is a symbol of wealthiness, expressed in the inner and outer world.

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