Wooden Wrist Watches Are So Classy

Wooden Wrist Watches Are So Classy

There are numerous of different reasons that show us why wooden watch can be a fantastic gift or accessory to wear. We live in a digital time, people are becoming more and more sentimental, they want to get in touch with nature and history. According to these facts, people look at wooden watches as an avant-garde painting, classical and yet magnificent. Their history is unwritten, their story untold, not even renowned collectors can count themselves lucky enough to possess any. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should wear one or give it to someone as a gift.

Classy accessory that fits any outfit

Once in a blue moon, a person can find such versatile accessory. It is not just an accessory for different outfits, it represents elegance, class and at the same time history. Wooden watches are incredibly neutral, they are not contradictory with your religion, style, nationality or culture, this indicates only one thing - they are a great accessory for every outfit- from Arabian to Western culture. It is not only perfect for a formal business clothing or casual everyday outfit; it does not have any limitations. If you look at other accessories you will see that they have one common feature:  People find them acceptable for one occasion and unacceptable for another. That is certainly not the case here!! Ecological gift- made by materials of nature itself as any self-conscious person would like because it will make them feel like a part of it, an integral part of godly creation. This is not exaggerating it is a truthful statement. These watches are also very light, they don't require any extra care and as long-lasting accessories, they are so easy to maintain.

A beautiful handmade masterpiece

Despite their extraordinary nature and unique appearance, wooden watches can sometimes be so simple, no extra features and yet be loved by kids, men, and women. For instance: If you buy your daughter a toy and she loves it, and another stranger buys her another more expensive one, you probably already know which one would your daughter love more. No one says that wooden watches are cheap; still, they have deeper and profound value than regular classic ones. If you search your brain, you’ll realize that you already know someone who has dozens of different wooden watches. That person constantly wears one, and yet continues to expand its collection with new ones, more unique and more meaningful to him/her. Their essence is wood; their reality is a class; perhaps that is the only reason that drives people to turn to wooden watches.

Friendly with the environment and in tune with nature

The real question is what is an environmental accessory? – It is a concept that hasn't got only one particular meaning; it has to be understood fully. Wooden watches are among those accessories that are more environmentally friendly and in tune with nature than any other type of watch, neckless, or jewelry. Although we have wooden material in abundance, as a renewable resource we must use it wisely and assess the needs of future generations as well for different purposes including the production of wrist watches. As a free of pollutants accessory with recyclable nature, it is a perfect match for any occasion that you may find yourself into. Wood as an ever-growing raw material must be used concisely for people’s purposes in order to save ourselves from any unwanted side effects that may occur that refers to the production of watches as well.

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From ancient times people used to strive for success, prosperity, and respect that would provide them an easier living. In pursuance of status, all different nations according to their culture started to develop a new concept known as “modern clothing”. Appropriate fashion was required to get them into certain “first class circles” and that was the beginning of personal accessory fashion. The industrial era brought a new accessory, a unique one, wrist watches were a rare delicacy back then, and only the richest could afford them. Their mechanism developed over the years, their functions improved, but the class remained exactly the same. Take this example: times have changed, technology has changed, the way of life has changed, and yet successful athletes, celebrities, journalists, businessmen, еntrepreneurs, musicians and regular people still wear one. Perhaps, the time has come to try something new, a wooden watch may be the perfect solution for you.

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